Roma Termini: Family-Friendly Fun and Activities for Kids near Rome’s Central Station

Traveling with kids is many things. Challenging is certainly one of them. And when you arrive at Rome’s Termini station, as most visitors to the Eternal City generally do, you’ll feel that all of Rome’s 10 million annual tourists have decided to arrive on the same day as you.

In other words, Termini is an astonishingly busy place. With its express rail connection to Fiumicino Airport, not to mention rail and bus connections to just about every other city in Italy and beyond, Termini is practically unavoidable. It also sits at the junction of Rome’s two subway lines, making it the most important transportation hub in the city. Navigating this bustling rail terminus is difficult enough by yourself, but with kids in tow, you’ll feel a sense of achievement just surviving Termini Station.

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll quickly find that Termini occupies a central location within the ancient Roman walls of the city. It’s easy to get just about anywhere in Rome from here, whether you want to take the subway, the bus, or even walk. And if the kids are bored and restless after a long train journey or plane flight, you’ll be glad to know there are some great family activities not far at all from the station.

Drop off your bags at a Roma Termini luggage storage and check out some of these great attractions for yourself. You and your family can start enjoying Rome almost from the moment you arrive at the station.

Villa Borghese

Just to the north of Termini Station, you’ll encounter the splendid palace of Villa Borghese and its sprawling gardens, which are now a public park. The Villa was once the home of one of the most important families in Rome, and they amassed a stunning art collection which is now displayed in the museum inside the palace. But chances are your kids won’t be in the least bit interested in that.

They may be more interested in burning off some energy running around the park, and you can take a stroll under the trees or rent bikes to explore the park for yourself.

But perhaps most importantly, the park is also home to Rome’s zoo. The Biopark di Roma is home to around 150 different species of animals, including wolves, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, lions, and chimpanzees. The zoo also offers a miniature train that runs around the complex and will bring you to the enclosures of some of the most popular animals at the facility.

Whether you visit the zoo or not, Villa Borghese is a great place to visit to let the kids run around after a long journey and represents some of the best family activities close to Termini Station.

The Colosseum

It’s not exactly a hidden gem; in fact, this icon of Rome is one of the most famous buildings in the world. However, it does offer something that can be tough to find wherever you go: a genuinely fascinating historical attraction that is also a blast for kids.

This 2000-year-old arena is easily reached from Termini Station with a ride on a single Metro line or a walk through the city of around 20 minutes. Once you get there, pick up an audio guide or take a guided tour to learn more about the stories behind this ancient amphitheater.

If you can, take a tour that lets you go into the underground passageways where the lions, tigers, and other animals used in the gory spectacles held in the amphitheater were kept. Kids will be fascinated by the tales of the shows the ancient Romans used to put on here.


There’s one surefire way to experience the culture of the Italian capital and keep the kids happy at the same time, and it can be summed up in a single word: gelato.

Rome is absolutely full of ice cream shops, and everybody has their own opinion on which is the best. But in reality, the standard is so high it’s hard to go wrong. Gelato is a little different from ice cream and tends to focus on real fruit flavors, but you’ll also find lots of chocolate, candy, and other flavors the kids will love. Besides, it gives you a good excuse to indulge in a well-deserved sweet treat yourself.

The Time Elevator

The history of Rome is long and complex and can be difficult even for adults to wrap their heads around, never mind kids. However, many of the top attractions in the city are historical sites, and you’ll get a lot more out of a visit to Rome if you have at least some grounding in the different historical periods that made the city what it is today.

Probably the best place to do that with kids is at the Time Elevator. This exciting ride will take them through different periods of Roman history, from the early Republic through the glory days of the Empire, the medieval period, the Renaissance, and beyond, all the way up to World War II and the demise of Mussolini’s fascist regime. This fun ride re-creates the sights, sounds, and smells of the ancient city and acts as a kind of crash course in the fascinating history on display here.

The Time Elevator is around a 30-minute walk from Termini Station. Alternatively, you can get there by taking bus route 70 or 71 from right in front of the station.

Exploring Rome with kids

Rome is known for its historical attractions and artistic splendor, but even if your kids aren’t into that, that doesn’t mean they can’t have a great time in the Italian capital. You can visit some of the best things to do in Rome with kids without straying far from Termini Station. Just drop off your bags and free yourself up to explore some of these great activities.